Region Spain, Galicia
Grape Mouratón, Mencía, Sousón, Garnacha, Tintorera, Palomino etc
Vintage 2018
Alcohol 11% 
Style Watermelon, Szechuan pepper, Peach
Approach Organic

Vegan? Yes

Bottle Size 75cl


Augalevada takes its name from a stream passing right through the middle of Lago's farm in the Rioboó zone, Galicia, northern Spain. Absolutely one with nature, he originally bought over 4ha then built a winery on site and planted 2.5ha of vines spread over the granitic terraces, struggling against an invading forest. Augalevada is the first biodynamic certified (Demeter) winery in the history of Ribeiro; Galician cows chew on the lush grass, chickens roam through the vines while diverse orchard trees and a vegetable patch feed the Garrido family.


This is from a 100 year old single vineyard co-planted with many native grape varieties. Only 2,000 bottles were produced, fermentation was carried out in an open plastic vat where whole grapes were foot trodden and then ‘massaged’ by hand over days for light extraction. Pretty 'hands on' hey! hey?


A really interesting bottle this. Big on the light and fresh fruit with watermelon, peach and some menthol and szechuan pepper I find. Light and fun while still being almost smoky and serious, it's very reminiscent of a Jura red. 

Augalevada, Mercenario Tinto, 2018



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