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Region France, Loire
Colour White, Sweet
Grape Chenin Blanc
Vintage 2013
Alcohol 11% 
Style Honey, Chamomile, Sticky pear
Approach Organic
Vegan Yes

Bottle Size 50cl


Chenin grapes from the very best sites in Anjou go into this god tier wine. Claude Papin takes 2 months to hand harvest, passing each day to choose only the most perfect botrytised grapes, and prolongs fermentation for as long as possible to build all those wonderful aromatics. 
Simply one of our favourite sweet wines on the market, this has loads of honeyed spicy apple and pear tart with a light chamomile tea floral top note. This, backed up with Chenin's laser sharp acidity takes us to Nirvana. 

Chateau de Pierre - Bise, Quarts de Chaume Grand Cru, 2013

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