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A little collection of some premium bottles we're enjoying at the moment to help you explore some different styles, and show off a little bit.


Ovum, Big Salt, 2019

Nice low intervention juice here from vineyards either certified or practicing organics in Oregon, USA. Fermented in concrete eggs, this is a wine to take to the beach. Just enough of the Gewurztraminer comes through giving a lovely chamomile vibe without taking it too far - real aromatic and zesty with crazy concentration giving a tangy salty finish.


Folias de Baco, Uivo Cortado Pet Nat, 2020

Uivo translates to howl - a reference to the wolves that used to roam Tiago's vineyards, that he hopes to lure back one day through following a strictly organic and natural viticulture.

Made in the home of Port, this is a crunchy fruited, low alcohol fizzy little bastard. 6 days on the skins and then bottled before it finishes fermenting, creating the fizz. This is bottled unfined, unfiltered and undisgorged, creating a rich texture and unadulterated juicy vibe.


Jutta Ambrositsch, Rakete, 2019

Made within the city of Vienna by female winemaker Jutta Ambrositch, this is a Gemischer Satz where local grapes are grown higgledy piggledy in the vineyard and then the juices are vinified together, taking the best attributes of each!

Serious summer beach / picnic in the park vibes with this one, chill it down and drink it out of tumblers! While this is easily gluggable and fun, we shouldn't take it away from Jutta that this is still a super accomplished wine of quite some seriousness!


Dalamara, Naoussa Xinomavro, 2018

Xinomavro is the flagship red grape of Greece and is sometimes compared to Italian Nebbiolo for it’s light colour, but full body, persistent tannins and generous acidity, that make them truly age worthy wines.


This wine, from Naoussa, in the North of Greece, has aromas of ripe tomato, tomato leaf, fresh cherries, sage and plum. Spicy medium body mouthfeel and tingly tannins indeed offer all the structure with a peppery and juicy aftertaste.


If you've got the spare cash or the patience to buy wines and not drink them immediately, this is gonna mellow really beautifully for the next 5-10 years. Though it's still delicious and more fruit forward right away.

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