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Coravin Model 3 system. 


Try your wines without popping the corks.

We use these every single day on our tastings and they're an absolute lifesaver when you fancy a glass or two but don't want to open the whole bottle, or even have a little taster of some of your fancier botts.  

Coravin is the world leader on these types of wine preservation systems, and nobody even comes close. It's used by tasters, importers and restaurants / bars use them a lot to offer super premium wines by the glass without worrying about not selling the whole bottle before it goes bad.


Basically, a medical grade needle pokes through the cork, you inject a bit of argon gas into the bottle and the wine comes out. When you take the needle out the cork reseals itself and the argon gas that's left inside is inert, meaning your wine won't oxidise like it would if it was air. This means you can drink some of your wine, but it'll also last weeks, months and even years and still be good to go when you decide to pop the cork (or go back in with the corvavin) at a later date.



1 x Coravin Model 3 unit

2 x Coravin gas canisters

1 x Screwcap adapter (to work on screwcap bottles)

1 x Dust case / bag

Coravin Model 3 - Wine preservation system

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