Region Italy, Sicily
Grape Nero d'Avola
Vintage 2019
Alcohol 10.5% 
Style Blackberry, Clove, Cherry
Approach Organic, Biodynamic

Vegan? Yes

Bottle Size 75cl


Cos was a winery formed in the 80's by - now grandaddy of natural Sicilian wines - Giusto Occhipinti and two of his classmates, making wines in their garage from the grapes of their parent's vineyards. They quickly decided to work against the trend of the time of using big oak and over ripe grapes, and started (and haven't stopped) making wines with fresheness and lightness at their core. 


This is a bottling made entirely in that vein. At 10.5% this is a super smashable light and airy, almost tart but in a good way, expression of Nero d'Avola. Fermented in concrete and then aged for another 2 years in tank, it gives a nice texture, with the result being more interesting than just steel but racier than a wine raised in oak. 

It's big on the bright violet and cherry fruit, with the grape showing itself in some deeper leathery and earthy aromas. 

Cos, Nero di Lupo, 2019



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