Region France, Jura
Colour Red
Grape Pinot Noir
Vintage 2019
Alcohol 12.5% 
Style Strawerries, Cranberries, Earth 
Approach Organic

Vegan? Yes

Bottle Size 75cl


Marie Chevassu harvests all her grapes by hand and uses natural yeasts found on the berries for fermentation, rather than picking "NiceYeast204" out of a catalouge. 

You can taste the ruggedness of the Jura landscape here. The wine is light and ethereal, yet it comes strong with a soil-y minerality and rich dried cherry type vibe. The finish here is super long, and you know at once that Marie really knows what she's doing. 

Treat it like a Burgundy, but don't pair it with anything to overpowering as you lose the subtlety and nuance which this wine is all about. 

    Domaine Chevassu, Pinot Noir Côte du Jura, 2019



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