Region Portugal, Duoro
Colour Amber, Sparkling
Grape Moscatel Galego
Vintage 2020
Alcohol 10% 
Style Peach, Black tea, Blood orange
Approach Organic, Biodynamic

Vegan? Yes

Bottle Size 75cl


Uivo translates to howl - a reference to the wolves that used to roam Tiago's vineyards, that he hopes to lure back one day through following a strictly organic and natural viticulture. 

Made in the home of Port, this is a crunchy fruited, low alcohol fizzy little bastard. 6 days on the skins and then bottled before it finishes fermenting, creating the fizz. This is bottled unfined, unfiltered and undisgorged, creating a rich texture and unadulterated juicy vibe.

Folias de Baco, Curtido Pet Nat, 2020



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