Region Portugal, Burgundy
Colour Red
Grape 50/50 blend of white and red indigenous varietals

Vintage 2019
Alcohol 11.5%
Style Crushed stone, Strawberry coolie, Frozen raspberries
Approach Organic, Biodynamic
Vegan? Yes

Bottle Size 75cl


Made in the Duoro, home of Port, this could not be any different to it's neughbours!

Vineyards are at the top of the plateau of the valley, meaning icy temperatures slow down the ripening and allow all the development of the aromas and flavour compounds. 

Around 50% red and 50% white grapes are all crushed and vinified together, sitting on the skins for 3 days to give a lovely light juicy colour and very little tannin - meaning this is light, juicy, smashable and delicious. 

Folias de Baco, Uivo Renegado, 2019



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