Region Austria, Vienna
Colour Red
Grape Germicher Satz (local field blend)
Vintage 2019
Alcohol 11.5% 
Style Cranberries, Strawberries, Mint
Approach Organic

Vegan? Yes

Bottle Size 75cl


Made within the city of Vienna by female winemaker Jutta Ambrositch, this is a Gemischer Satz where local grapes are grown higgledy piggledy in the vineyard and then the juices are vinified together, taking the best attributes of each!


Serious summer beach / picnic in the park vibes with this one, chill it down and drink it out of tumblers! While this is easily gluggable and fun, we shouldn't take it away from Jutta that this is still a super accomplished wine of quite some seriousness!

jutta ambrositsch, Rakete, 2019



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