Region England, Bristol
Colour Pink
Grape Orion, Pinot Noir
Vintage 2019
Alcohol 8.5%
Style Strawberries, Cream, Blood orange

Approach Organic, Biodynamic

Vegan? Yes

Bottle Size 75cl


Maybe the most envirnomentally friendly winery in the UK? Limeburn hill sits on a sunny slope just south of Bristol near Chew Magna, run by Robin and Georgina. Everything they do is with promoting biodiversity, soil health and their general ecosystem in the vineyard. 

Grapes are hand harvested, nothing added nothing removed in the winery, teas and natural preparations rather than pesticides or fertilisers are used, and work in the vineyard is dictated by the lunar calendar. Even the labels are stuck on by hand.


It's nice to feel warm and fuzzy doing your bit for the Earth, but the taste of the wine is - let's face it - the most important driver for buying a bottle, and this is hands down bloody delicious. 

Really prominent and clean strawberry flavour comes through with a little creaminess from sitting on the lees in the bottle. This is fun but also a very very accomplished wine. 

Limeburn Hill, Pet Nat Rosé, 2019



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