Region France, Jura
Grape Savagnin
Vintage 2013
Alcohol 14.5% 
Style Walnut, White truffle, Preserved lemon
Approach Sustainable

Vegan? No

Bottle Size 75cl


The Aviet family are big names in the Jura. Specialising in the rare red grape trousseau (they make 5 cuvees, which is unheard of), they also make powerfully rich whites from the local Savagnin and Melon à Queue Rouge grapes.


Here we have Savagnin that has been aged under flor for >6yrs - the same ageing as vin jaune - however Lucien thought this batch was decidedly supple and silky in texture so instead of bottling as a vin jaune, made it into what we have here - Reserve du caveau. 

It's got all the power you'd expect from a vin jaune, but dialed down to about 70%. Rich, truffley, nutty and saline it is a little more versatile than the vin jaune, and one you could definitely have more than just a glass of. 
This is seriously impressive quality, and screams out for comte (as aged as you can get) or chicken in cream sauce.  

Lucien Aviet, Réserve du Caveau, 2013



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