Region Italy, Abruzzo
Colour Pink
Grape Pinot Grigio
Vintage 2019
Alcohol 13.5%
Style Peach, Raspberry coulie, Apricot
Approach Organic, Biodynamic
Vegan? Yes

Bottle Size 75cl


Despite common knowledge, Pinot Grigio is actually a bit of a pink grape, it's name - gris - means grey, it's inbetween pinot BLANC and pinot NOIR. 

Most wines made from PG are white, but if allowed to sit on the vines for a little longer so they ripen, they develop a lovely pinky grey hue, and when the juice is allowed to sit on the skins it creates a delicious pinky colour. 


This is made in the traditional Italian ramoro method where they sit the wine on the skins during fermentation for around 30 days in stainless steel. 
Fresh, stone fruited, and a little mineral tingle - this is my personal choice over a Provencal any day!

Lunaria, Ramoro Pinot Grigio, 2019



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