Region France, Jura
Colour Red
Grape Trousseau
Vintage 2018
Alcohol 10.5% 
Style Tomato, Minerals, Cranberry
Approach Biodynamic

Vegan? Yes

Bottle Size 75cl


Peggy & Jean-Pascal Buronfosse moved to the village La Combe de Rotalier in 1999 after growing tired of life in the city. Jura nerds may also know this as the same village that Ganevat is producing his wines (at easily twice the price), so we've got a pretty good pedigree if wineyard terroir is anything to go by.


Trousseau is an indigenous grape to the Jura and produces light and mineral reds packed with energy and nerve. This is full of a stoniness on the palate, with ripe tomato flesh and tomato leaf on the nose, with a little spiciness - close your eyes and imagine the best bloody mary you've ever had. For those who love Jura - this is a good one - and for those who love light reds - welcome to the world of Jura.

Peggy et Jean-Pascal Buronfosse, l'Hopital Trousseau, 2018



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