Region Portugal, Lisboa
Colour Red
Grape Touriga Nacional
Vintage 2015
Alcohol 14.5% 
Style Tobacco, Stewed plum, Leather
Approach Conventional

Vegan? Yes

Bottle Size 75cl


Touriga Nacional is an indigenous grape to tPortugal, and is most commonly found (at least in England) as one of the grapes inside a bottle of port. Here we have a big elegant monster, grown on sunny south facing slopes clost to the Atlantic west coast. 


Bunches are hand-harvested into 20kg crates  to then undergo further selection at the winery. Indigenous yeasts start the fermentation, lasting for around 14 days followed 9 months maturation in French oak barrels. After ageing, each barrel is tasted and 35 of the best are selected, with the others being sold off to other wineries. 

That's a lot of work and a lot of quality in the bottle for what would cost much much more if we were talking an equivalent Cab Sav from Cali or France...


Rich black cherry, leather and tobacco meld with a little vanilla and coconut from the oak, while retaining a lovely elegance from not overdoing it with the barrels. 

Quinta do Pinto, Touriga Nacional, 2015



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