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A little collection of some great wines we're enjoying at the moment to help you explore some different styles, while still keeping it to crowd pleasers. 


Cantina di Caldaro, Kaltern Pinot Grigio, 2018
Don't roll your eyes at Pinot Grigio! To our minds, Alto Adige in Trentino northern Italy, near the Austrian border, makes the best fresh Pinot Grigio style in the world. The combination of bright days and cooling evenings means grapes ripen slowly, giving it a long time to develop phenolic (flavours and smells) ripeness as well as physical sugar (and alcohol) ripeness. This is 13.5% so quite full bodied and rich in stone fruit and melon flavours that offset the dryness really well. It's Pinot grigio made how it should be made.


Stanlake Park, Regatta, 2019

Fresh as a daisy and bracing as you like. Very drinkable on a hot summer's day, this blend of common varities in England is a citrussy and dry lime bomb. Made from grapes of two different vintages to balance the best of each, this is a lovely entry to the world of English wine. 


Folias de Baco, Uivo Renegado, 2019

Made in the Duoro, home of Port, this could not be any different to it's neughbours! Vineyards are at the top of the plateau of the valley, meaning icy temperatures slow down the ripening and allow all the development of the aromas and flavour compounds.  Around 50% red and 50% white grapes are all crushed and vinified together, sitting on the skins for 3 days to give a lovely light juicy colour and very little tannin - meaning this is light, juicy, smashable and delicious. 


Ollieux Romanis, Fantet Hippolyte Rouge, 2019

Ripe and smooth, very much made from the sunshine found in the Languedoc this is unashamedly bold. At 14% it might seem a big big but this is oh so smooth, and is one of those fantastic bottles that combines affordability, great quality, organic practices and really crowd pleasing flavour (it's label is also great, which helps let's be fair).  Medium to full bodied with warm dark fruits and a little gamey herb vibe, it's gonna go with most meats, stews or mushroomy type arrangements. Fantastic bottle for the price.

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