Domaine Kox

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In the small picturesque town of Remich on the left bank of the Moselle river, the father and daughter duo, Laurent and Corinne Kox, are making truly exceptional still, sparkling and sweet wines in their own unique style.

Not quite the aggressively steep slopes of the German Mosel, but not to say there aren't vineyards with significant aspect as well as rolling hills. Slightly elevated altitude and further south means the grapes ripen well whilst maintaining freshness.

Third generation, Corinne is the young gun, the ambitious winemaker slowly taking over from her traditional father. He still has the upper hand on traditional winemaking, and masters the best qualities of Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Auxerrois, Gewürztraminer and Saint Laurent, while she is bringing in ancient and more contemporary practices into the vineyard and cellar from drones to qvevri to Luxembourgish oak barrels.

The Blanc de Noirs Crémant is 100% Saint Laurent showing a cantaloupe melon colour and ripe fruited palate to match it. The "No Added Sulfites" Crémant is 100% Riesling, super-aromatic and fresh. The Rivaner and Riesling are tank ferment to show true fruit expression. As the name suggests the Qvevri Riesling and Saint Laurent are aged for a year in Qvevri giving the most wonderfully rich, yet smooth texture and the Vin Orange spends one month on the skins.