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Domaine Kox

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In the small picturesque town of Remich on the left bank of the Moselle river (South-East facing with keuper and clay marl soils), the father and daughter duo, Laurent and Corinne Kox, are making truly exceptional still, sparkling and sweet wines with respect and precision in their own unique style. 

Third generation, Corinne is the young gun, the ambitious winemaker learning the expertise of her talented father, Laurent, who has a firm hand on traditional winemaking, and masters the best qualities of local and noble varieties, while she is bringing in ancient and more contemporary practices into the vineyard and cellar.

Corinne is the initiator of the installation of two real Georgian terracotta amphoras (Qvevris) in the garden of the estate, as was done millennia ago. One filled with Riesling, the other Saint Laurent, the grapes are left to ferment turning into rare and timeless wines. As well as the ancient, Corinne does not shy from technology and in 2019, Domaine Kox was the first independent winery in Europe to use drones in the vineyards to track disease, nutrition deficiencies and areas of drought. 

The Blanc de Noirs Crémant is 100% Saint Laurent, showing a macadamia colour with a tinge of cantaloupe melon and ripe fruited palate to match it. The "No Added Sulfites" Crémant is 100% Riesling, super-aromatic and fresh balanced with the power of freshly buttered toast still steaming hot. The Rivaner and Riesling are tank ferments to show true fruit expression, cleanness and structure.

As the name suggests the Qvevri Riesling and Saint Laurent are fermented and matured for a year in Qvevri giving the most wonderfully rich, yet smooth texture and the Vin Orange spends one month on the skins. The Vin de Paille is a sweet wine of amber colour obtained by fermenting the must extracted from grapes raisined over a 3 month period on straw trays.

Download Tech Sheet - Crémant de Luxembourg, BDN

Download Tech Sheet - Crémant de Luxembourg, Sans Soufres

Download Tech Sheet - Rivaner 2019

Download Tech Sheet - Riesling 2019

Download Tech Sheet - Kvevri Riesling 2019

Download Tech Sheet - Vin Orange 2019

Download Tech Sheet - Kvevri Saint Laurent 2019

Download Tech Sheet - Vin de Paille

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