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Vincent Gross

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Vincent Gross is a really talented young winemaker from a four-generation family estate in Gueberschwihr, a few kilometres south of Colmar, Alsace. The 10 hectares of vineyards, including the Grand Cru Goldert, are farmed and vinified using biodynamic practices throughout and Vincent's objective is wines bursting with aromatic expression.


The orientation towards maceration wines began in 2016, on the terroirs of Gueberschwihr which lend themselves to it, with more or less deep limestone and clayey marl which bring power to the wine. In the vineyard, nettle and horsetail teas, as well as biodynamic preparations like compost MT, 500 and 501 are used to enhance and preserve microbial activity in the soil and improve the development of the vine throughout the season.


The Crémant, which is 80% Auxerois and 20% Riesling spends 24 months on lies and a final SO2 of just 7mg/L. 
The TryO, short for "Try Orange" is a trio of three varieties co-fermented for 3 weeks, with a. final SO2 of 14mg/L.


The Grand Cru Colbert Riesling is his only wine that he has kept a white wine and has made in a truly Grand Cru style, in old foudres. The Rhapsodie Pinot Gris is a glowing ruby-pink wine with a slight amber hint to it. The wine so expressive on the nose and palate. The Gold R, as the name suggests has a luminous deep gold appearance and deep, bold flavours. All the wines are unfined, unfiltered and zero or very very little added SO2.

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