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Winemaker: Jean-Baptiste Duquesne

AOC: Vin De France

Vintage: 2022

Vol: 11.5 %

RS: 0 g/L

S02: __mg/L

Total Production: 3972 bottles

35% Castets
25% Petit Verdot
20% Mérille
15% Béquignol
5% Jurançon noir

Vine Age: 3 - 4 years old

Vegan: Yes

Allergens: None

Closure: Cork + Foil

Drinking Window: 2 - 3 years

Ethos: Certified BIO, Demeter


Producer: Jean-Baptiste Duquesne is a Bordeaux Pirate, shaking up the conventions of Bordeaux bureaucracy and challenging the status quo. After his selling his French cuisine recipe sharing website, he wrote the book "Bordeaux: Une Histoire de Cépages" which is a detailed history of 19th Century grape varieties in the Bordeaux.

Obsessed, he turned Château de Cazebonne into the largest library of ancestral grape varieties, such as: Mancin, Castets, Bouchalès, St-Macaire, Jurancon noir, Mérille, Béquignol, Pardotte, Gros Cabernet, Petit Péjac, Sauvignonasse, Penouille…. He has already planted 26 of the recognised historical varieties and aims to have all 57 planted by 2030...


Viticulture and Vinification: 2022 was an exceptionally hot and dry vintage and to achieve proper maturity in the grapes (rather than potential alcohol levels) Jean-Baptiste waited for the September rains and harvested on the 28th and 29th of September.

Field blend, fermented in stainless steel. Bottled with very low addition of SO2.


Tasting: Fresh red fruit, but in a dark and dense way. Lovely gritty tannins coat the tongue. Sour cherry and tantalisingly tart finish.

Cazebonne, Soif De 1900

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