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Can't decide? Let me chose for you...


Number of bottles, average bottle cost and styles of wines are taylored to each customer on this product, so please write a short and simple blurb about what you or the person you are gifting this to will enjoy.


For example:


"Looking for a small selection of light reds in the £20-30/ bottle range."




"Natty vegan wines £15-20/ bottle. Love orange wine and crunchy, salty whites"




"A large selection that i can use to start building my wine collection. A mix of easy drinkers and ageworthy collectibles and grower Champagne for special occasions. I enjoy full bodied reds like Barolo, Pauillac and St Emilion.  Please avoid including rosé, Sauvignon Blanc and natural wines as it's really not my thing"




"I love everything. Surprise me :) "


As little or as much as you want.



Choose-For-Me Mixed-Case

PriceFrom £100.00
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