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Region France, Jura
Colour White
Grape Savagnin
Vintage 2010
Alcohol 14.5%
Style Curry leaves, Walnut, Salt
Approach Organic, Biodynamic

Vegan? Yes

Bottle Size 62cl

Ah, Vin Jaune. This is living. 

Made under a veil of yeast - a bit like sherry - and left to age for 6yrs in barrel without any topping up from when it evaporates, creates an absolutely mental concentrated, nutty, saline and bonkers wine. 
This is what the Jura is best known for, and it's at its absolute best when drank alongside some aged comte cheese or chicken in a creamy sauce with a splash of the same wine. 

It's powerful and fancy. You drink this with special dinners and at Christmas. You sip it, not glug it. But mainly, you bask in its glory.

Domaine De La Renardière, Vin Jaune, 2010

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