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Pour Nos Amis, For Our Friends. 


We're inviting you into the inner circle. Our core team of wine enthusiast extraordinares. This is our monthly wine subscription, created to take the anxiety of choosing wine out of your life. 


Pay for a year upfront and get the 13th Month FREE.


What's in the box?

  • 3 or 6 delicious wines: chosen by us, changing in their styles each month, aiming to challenge but also comfort you. We'll take you on a journey through wine and push your palate to introduce all kinds of new deliciousness!
  • Tasting cards: Info on the wine, deep diving into winemakers, winemaking techniques, "if you like this, you'll like that", tasting notes, and of course our Spotify music - wine pairing for each bottle.


Mates rates.

We like to look after our friends. We'll be giving personal 10% discount codes to each of our subscribers, giving you LIFETIME* discounts on everything we sell on the bottle shop, for as long as you're subscribed.


​It's still early days with the club and we'll be constantly evolving in what we offer. We've got big plans on how we can help you guys grow and learn, so keep an eye out for access to special tastings, deals and general good stuff.


What wines will you receive?

Our choices each month will be made based on what we're drinking and loving. They'll change with the seasons and the weather and generally what's good at that time. The wines will always mirror our ethos behind good wine - Natural, sustainable, conventional or lutte raisonnée - we believe in well made juice, and well cared for vineyards.


There's some absolutely fantastic natty wine out there, as well as more traditional bottlings. The same is true for some absolute shit as well. Trust us, we've tried them so you don't need to.

Ultimately, We get behind any juice that is cared for in the vineyard, handled with a deft touch in the winery, and tastes bloody good (excellent value always helps too); no matter if it's an Eastern European orange, or an uber traditional Bordeaux!


Whether you choose the three or six-bottle box, the wines you receive will be different from month to month, you won't just receive doubles of the same 2 wines if you go for the 3 box for example. However, if there are wines that you take a particular liking to one month then feel free to shoot us an email to customise next month's.

How it works...

Choose either 3 or 6 wines per month and choose your delivery method.


How will you be charged?
You'll be charged when you subscribe and make the payment. We'll send the wines out the next working day, and then you'll be charged every month on the same day - with wines sent out once payment has been made.


How does delivery work?

We send wines out via UPS and DHL at the start of each month. You'll receive tracking and delivery slot info to the phone number and / or email you sign up with, once the packages are on the van.


Cancelling a subscription...

This is a rolling subscription, and will renew each month until you choose to cancel. Head to the 'My Subscriptions' drop down tab in the top right of our website and you can easily cancel the subsription there. We're always here to help so if you've any problems just shoot us an email


We are currently running FREE NATIONWIDE DELIVERY for orders over £150, however we do reserve the right to end this promotion. If this happens - we're not planning to - we will be in contact to cancel your subscription, and you can then choose if you'd like to resubscribe with postage fees.

*Lifetime discounts are available for as long as you stay subscribed. 

Wine Subscription: Monthly

PriceFrom £79.00
Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Subscription
Subscribe & Save £10 /month
£79.00every month until canceled
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