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Fantastic Fizz & Where to Find it.

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Absolutely everyone loves a bottle of fizz right? High pressure bottles are popped around the world all in the name of celebration, and while there's nothing quite like a bottle of bubbly when you feeling like partying, I always find it a shame that sparkling wine isn't ever seen as a midweek choice. Just like you'd uncork a humble Chardonnay or a Cabernet Sauvignon on a Wednesday, if budget allows why not a Cremant d'Alsace, Col Fondo, or even a Champagne? As you can imagine, not all sparklers are created equal (in both quality and style) so I thought I'd give you a crash course into the different production methods, styles, and how this effects the final juice in your glass. To help you on your journey of exploration, we have a promotional Fizz Pack of four stylistically different but equally as fantastic bottles.

A riddling rack in a Champagne cellar

Methode Champenoise. I guess we should start with the most famous, the ever venerable, and often (but not always!) delicious Champagne. The Champagne method, Traditional Method, Methode Champenoise, or even Methode Cap-Classique if you're in South Africa, is the most revered production of sparkling w